Voiceover Demos

Mark Ewart Voiceover Artist Recording in Studio

Looking for a certain style?

Have a listen to My VoiceZam Player. I’ve categorised the most frequent voice genres requested and recorded demo files for each. So if you select “E-Learning” and tap “United Nations” you’ll hear a demo aimed at an International audience, so the read has to be clear and concise. Whereas “Character voices” contains a variety of very different styles!

In the Studio

“Voice of God” live or pre-recorded

Voice Characterisation

Voiceover for video

The key role of a professional voice talent is to set the mood of the video and add the human touch to the story. Knowing where to add the right highs and lows, pauses and flow to the read will lead emotions in the right direction. A professional voice talent adds a strong personality and makes your animated or live action video stand out every single time.