Studio & Equipment

Purpose built Acoustically treated Garden Studio.

Working from home has it’s benefits! A few short strides from my back door and I’m in my studio!

 Setup with industry standard professional equipment I offer a fast turnaround service in the format of your choice, competitive pricing and have the facilities to add music and FX if needed.

Mark Ewart Outside of Studio
Mark Ewart Voiceover Artist Recording in Studio

Sony Vegas Pro17 Digital Audio Workstation

Sony Vegas is my “go-to” platform for audio and video editing. Vegas 17 features innovative creative tools combined with intuitive navigation. This facilitates the fast turnaround of your project in your chosen format that meets your quality standard.

Primary Microphone

Audio Technica 4050-CM5

Choosing the right microphone for the job is a personal thing! And the AT4050 really suits my voice as it delivers clean, crisp audio with very low self-noise level. The AT4050 is perfect for both studio and live sound productions, whether recording vocals, piano, strings, or even guitar amps, every little nuance is picked up, making for as accurate a representation of the performance as you could wish for.

Additional microphones

  • Audio Technica 2020i
  • Coles 4104B lip mic
  • 2 x Matched Pair Behringer C-2 Microphones
  • Sennheiser e835 vocal microphone